C i v i l   W a r   Y e a r s


Jewelry box crafted by Albert Aylor for his wife while he was a Civil War prisoner at Ft. Delaware.

Interior of box with Albert Aylor's personal items.  Notice the
careful and elaborate wood inlay around the edges of the box
and inside around the mirror.

Albert Aylor's Civil War sword on top of his toolbox 
along with several household items.  


One-of-a-kind child's chair built by Albert Aylor for his daughter
while he was in prison at Fort Deleware.  

This chair most likely acted as a prototype for his later chairs.  

Notice that the front uprights are 8-sided rather that the 
round stock Aylor later designed.  The use of a hand-cut 
octagonal stock (see insert) was probably chosen because Aylor 
did not have access to a lathe during his incarceration.  

The chair back was broken at some point.  The broken piece 
is shown on the chair seat awaiting rerstoration.

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