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The 1950s and Beyond
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From approximately 1950 until 2000, little was done to protect and preserve many of the Aylor-related items that remained in Haywood - and no effort was made to display them to the public.

This period is marked by unfortunate neglect, tragic loss, and damage to many Albert Aylor's tools, items of furniture, and personal and business correspondence while under the control of relatives.

In 1989, new owners bought the land where Albert Aylor had his original log cabin and his furniture factory neither of which remained by that time.  In 1999 and 2000, the new owners also bought a nearby 4-1/2 acre property once owned by Albert Aylor's daughter, Molly Aylor Carpenter, and son-in-law, T. L. Carpenter.  The new owners then acquired Aylor-related items located on the Aylor/Carpenter property and from other sources - and have provided support for the cataloging of these items for future exhibition.

Condition of the Aylor/Carpenter house and barn.

While removing many sheds and the house on the Aylor/Carpenter
property, all well beyond repair because of neglect and weather
damage (see above), here's some of what was found.

Albert Aylor's correspondence found dumped into feed bags and placed in a corn crib - heavily damaged by mice and weather.

Some examples of less damaged items that are candidates for future restoration.

Another example of Albert Aylor's correspondence found near the corn crib in leaking barn where it was heavily damaged by mice and weather. 

One of several Aylor chairs left exposed to the weather 
on the Aylor/Carpenter property. Numerous other items
were similarly damaged by neglect

The sole remaining building on the Aylor/Carpenter property is the old barn.  
We believe that this building was constructed with Albert Aylor's help when
his daughter, Molly, married Thomas Carpenter.  The barn has been renovated 
awaiting future uses.

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