A y l o r   F a m i l y   P h o t o g r a p h s


We are in the process of collecting photos of the Aylor family.  We'll be adding many more photograghs over the coming months.  Here are a couple of photographs to get us started.
If anyone can add to this collection of Aylor-related photographs, please
contact us at 540-923-5012 or e-mail us at AylorProject@albertaylor.com
We will arrange to make copies so you can keep your originals.
This is a rare photograph of the entire Aylor family.  From the left, top row - Virgie, Albert Aylor, Mollie, Annie, and Bessie.  Bottom row - Bismarck, Mary Frances (Aylor's wife), and Jacob.
This very special photo shows Aylor's six children with musical instruments (some made by Aylor). In the top row left to right are Annie, Bismarck, and Jake. In the bottom row are Bessie, Mollie, and Virgie. Most likely, all the instruments were made by Albert Aylor.  To learn more about Aylor's late-in-life violin-making, click here

An undated pohoto of Aylor's daughter Bessie in the Aylor home in Hawood.  
Of particular interest is the rare (possibly unique) Aylor chair in the
right rear of the photo.

A hand-colored photo of Annie and Bessie Aylor in the Aylor home.
The frame (see detail below) was made by Albert Aylor employing tiny pegs
in each corner of the frame.



An undated photo of Albert Aylor 


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