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Albert Aylor's glasses on one of his pocket notebooks
filled with his woodworker's notes


Aylor created a wide range of jigs for steam-bending chair parts.  Here are some examples.   Jig "A" was used to bend rear uprights for rocking chairs.   Jig "B" is a hefty jig used to bend a scroll arm for a chair.  Jig "C" was used to bend thin slats for a slat-back chair.  Item "D" is a partially-completed prototype of a carving done by Aylor's wife presumably in anticipation of using it on future furniture projects.

Aylor created a wide range of patterns that he used to make
his furniture.  Here is one such large pattern  for a headboard
held against the finished piece.

Additional examples of Aylor's large collection of patterns.  
Here are patterns or chair back tops.

Front and back of Postcard dated June 4, 1877 to 
Albert Aylor urging his completion of a chair order

On the lighter side, here is what appears to be a "Penny Bank" made
by Aylor for his children.  The craftsmanship is up to his usual
standards -including using several different woods.  And the fact that
the bank is sealed makes whatever savings went in "stay put."

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