A y l o r ' s    Mo d e l

We are currently cataloging and restoring various items for future display. One example is this unique architectural model that Aylor made. 

Here's what we know about this model.  Aylor made it for Dr. Smith.  The house was actually built on Route 603 near the center of Haywood.  However, the Smith house burned or was taken down at some point.  Some say that Aylor was so taken with the design that he planned to build his own house in the same or similar design. 

For a photo of the finished house, please go to the bottom of this page or click here.

Aylor's home (see Aylor's Home for more details) did end up with bay windows and a rather interesting two story bay-like front entrance, but other parts of the design - including the unique offset box shape of the four wings showing in this wooden model - were not used. 





Here is a rare photo of Dr. Smith's home in Haywood. Among the various changes was the relocation of the turret, the addition of elaborate guttering on the turret roof, and the addition of a large porch

If anyone has any other information about this model or about Dr. Smith's house in Haywood (especially any photos of it),  please e-mail us at info@albertaylor.com

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