A l b e r t   A y l o r   P r o j e c t
M y s t e r y   P h o t o s

If anyone has any information about this first batch of mystery photos, please e-mail us at info@albertaylor.com
A REQUEST FOR PHOTOS AND INFORMATION: We are looking for additional photos of Albert Aylor and his family as well as photos that show the interior and exterior of Aylor's furniture shop, the Haywood General Store and the corner of Routes 609 and 603, the old Mt. Carmel Church, the construction of the new Mt. Carmel Church, the interiors and exteriors of Albert Aylor's house, and other photos that show Haywood and surrounding properties. We will arrange to make copies so you can keep your originals.

Mystery Photo #1


Mystery Photo #2
(Possibly Aylor's parents' home in Madison or
Aylor's first home in Haywood?)

Mystery Photo #3
(Same as above - but earlier?  A different place?)

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