A y l o r ' s    V i o l i n s

=  P a g e    T w o  =

Aylor's Violin Manufacturing

Aylor created a large number of forms to allow him to create several violins at a time.  It is unclear whether his plan was to mass produce violins or simply to experiment with a variety of slightly different models.  Above is an extensive collection of Aylor's molds and jigs  used to form violin and guitar bodies.  Also shown (far left and middle background) 
are two  casks of varnish (shipped  to "Albert Aylor, Culpeper") for use in his shop.

A box of Aylor's partially finished violin backs along with 
glued-up "blanks" ready for carving.  Also in the box is a 
thick paper pattern (top, rear) that Aylor made 
and used to prepare blanks for carving.

Several Aylor violin forms.  The form on top right includes a partially-carved back 
(portions of back are broken off and lost).

Albert Aylor's signature visible inside violin.


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